August 12-26
Campaign in Elk Point - (evenings)

August 27 - September 2
In Montana for eldest son's wedding - (no campaigning)

September 5
Beresford - Dakota Valley football game - (schedule handouts)

September 8-20
Campaign in Beresford - (evenings)

September 26
Beresford-EPJ football game - (schedule handouts)
Governing Principles
One. Promote Energy Independence.
Our society must escape the grasp of foreign oil suppliers. We must find and develop domestic sources of petroleum. A comprehensive energy policy must include off shore drilling and the careful use of the petroleum available in ANWR. We must also promote wind power, solar power and other alternative sources of energy. Ethanol must also be a key component of our energy future. Doing nothing will not solve this problem and local issues such as funding for schools, public safety issues, etc. are directly linked to this issue which must be addressed.
Two. Open State Spending Practices to Public Scrutiny.
South Dakota needs an easily accessible state web site so that citizens can quickly trace state expenditures. As your elected representative, I will support this bipartisan proposal in the next legislative session.
Three. Maintain Our Transportation System.
Jim will work and support measures to maintain our current highway system. It is vital to both agriculture and tourism, two of the biggest industries in the state. Jim will also work to expand rail service in the state. He is a strong supporter of the development of the D. M. and E. railroad.
Four. Maintain Our Pro-Business Climate.
Jim will work to preserve the pro-business climate in the state. He will oppose any and all attempts to impose an income tax in the state, corporate or individual. He is also opposed to a raise in the general state sales tax. He will work to maintain the property tax limitation that now governs the potential rise in property taxes each year. With gasoline prices above $3 per gallon, Jim will seek to squeeze government spending before hard working families are asked to give up more of their money.
Five. Support Our Second Amendment Rights.
Jim approves of the recent United States Supreme Court decision ( June 2008) that affirms the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. He was however disappointed and alarmed that only a bare majority of the justices, five, agreed with this simple, but important principle.
Six. Work to Promote Honesty and Integrity in State Government.
Government at the state level has lost credibility as scandals involving members of both political parties have infected our system. As your elected representative, Jim will maintain the highest ethical standards, just as he did as the mayor of Canton. Jim will work diligently to preserve the trust he has built up during his years as a person in the public eye.
Seven. Oppose a Legislative Pay Raise.
South Dakota Legislators are not highly paid people like those in Washington, D.C. Nonetheless, with the people of our state experiencing difficult times because of gas prices, this is not the time to raise the pay for lawmakers. Jim will oppose any pay raise during the coming legislative session, and may speak up for a cut in legislative pay if the state budget is seriously out of balance.
Eight. Life Issues.
Jim is a pro-life candidate. He believes that life begins at conception and believes that the case of Roe vs. Wade (1973) was wrongly decided. As the father of two boys by the adoption process, the Bolin family has experienced the joys and benefits of this great and wonderful human experience.
Nine. Hyperion Energy Center.
Jim has attended many meetings in Union county on this subject. After careful reflection, Jim has decided to endorse the proposal, as long as the company meets its stated environmental standards. The proposed energy center has been approved by the Union county planning and zoning board, the county commission and by a vote of the people in the county. Litigation is ongoing and continuing, and the issue now rests with the courts and with the state of South Dakota.